Wildlife and Wilderness Outreach Programme

In 2010, The Zambezi Society, in partnership with Birdlife Zimbabwe, commenced a Community Wildlife Outreach Programme to provide educational materials for rural schools within the Middle Zambezi Biosphere Reserve area, specifically  within Nyaminyami District, on the western border of the Matusadona National Park and in Makwichi District south of the Mana Pools/Sapi/Chewore World Heritage Site .

Mola School – Nyaminyami Dostrict

Schools in these remote rural areas are extremely underfunded, lacking basic facilities, trained teachers and educational materials. Although they are situated right next to major Zimbabwean National Parks, a World Heritage Site and a Black Rhino Intensive Protection Zone, the children (and their teachers) have little idea about the value of the wildlife resources within these areas, or the long-term effects of poaching large mammal species like elephant and rhino (a practice that is increasingly widespread).

The Beit Trust is funding the production of illustrated, educational “fact files” for teachers focusing on endangered animal and bird species. 

Pictured below, with one of the teachers’ educational Fact Files, is Leslee Maasdorp, who runs the Zambezi Society’s Wildlife Outreach Programme

Leslee Maasdorp with one of the teacher’s educational fact files.

The Phyllis Aspinall Foundation has provided funding for school workshops at which teachers and pupils are engaged in practical discussions and working sessions focused on wildlife and bird species, their habitats, how animals are used, endangered species, the threat of illegal hunting (poaching), the role of National Parks, and job opportunities in the wildlife, hunting and tourism industries etc.   Schools are encouraged to set up wildlife clubs and engage in quizzes and wildlife-orientated outings.



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