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Sleeping Bag donation – Jan 2011

Mana compressor donation

Air Compressor donation

The Zambezi Society believes that we owe it to future generations in Africa to ensure that those areas of the Zambezi river basin which have been state-classified as “State Protected” continue to be conserved as a valuable part of the national heritage of their respective countries. Unfortunately governments all too often allocate grossly inadequate funds for this purpose.

Zimbabwe’s valuable National Parks, Safari Areas and other state protected areas are no exception. In the 1990s, the country’s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority was declared a “Statutory Authority” and tasked with generating its own funds through tourism.  As the country’s economic and political situation declined, so did international tourism revenues, and State Protected Areas received virtually no funds for decades.  The result was poor staff morale, inadequate living conditions, inadequate training, lack of planning and lack of efficiency.  Funding priorities tended to be skewed towards income-generation (through tourism), with essential park management, conservation, anti-poaching and research being severely neglected.

The Zambezi Society, along with other non-governmental organizations has constantly provided material assistance (fuel, supplies and equipment etc) to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in various fields to assist the staff in its Zambezi Valley stations to carry out essential Park activities such as wildlife protection, anti-poaching, animal welfare and research activities.   The Society has also assisted in the development of Park planning,  specifically for the core areas of the Middle Zambezi Biosphere reserve – Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site and Matusadona National Park.

Mana Pools Gear Donation - Feb 2008

Mana Pools Gear Donation – Feb 2008

Mosquito Net handover - Matusadona Dec 2009

Mosquito Net handover – Matusadona Dec 2009


We depend entirely on funding and public donations to support National Parks. Donations to our PARKS SUPPORT FUND will help provide much-needed back-up support and equipment to assist Park wardens and their staff in carrying out research, anti-poaching activities and other essential duties often neglected because of under-funding.

If you would like to make a donation of supplies or equipment please CONTACT US or make a contribution through our secure online donations page. DONATE HERE!

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