Leopard Atlas

Have you seen a Leopard in the last 5 years?


Download our leopard atlas and sighting sheet below to give us more information about your Leopard sightings.

As part of the ongoing Leopard Research Project we aim to collect as many leopard sightings across Zimbabwe as possible. We will use these sightings to build a Leopard Atlas. The Atlas will consist of a map of Zimbabwe divided into what are known as quarter degree squares. A square will be filled in once we have a confirmed sighting of leopard from the area within Zimbabwe that the square represents. Over time we will be able to determine the distribution of leopard in the country.

Photograph by Andy Lowe – Mana Pools 2009

Anyone who has seen a leopard in Zimbabwe in the last five years is invited to submit this information to us in one of two ways:

You will have to include your name and contact details so that we can verify the sighting if we need to. We have included a map showing each quarter degree square to help you submit the data.

Instructions on how to use the Quarter Degree Square Reference Map:

Each grid square is referred to by a Block Letter (A,B,C or D), then a Horizontal Letter (a – p) and then a Vertical Number (1 – 14).  An example is given for Matusadona National Park. The reference for this quarter degree square is An6.

This reference is used when submitting leopard sightings for this project, and you will have your own copy on the downloadable leopard atlas sighting sheet.

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