The Zambezi Society’s advocacy role: independent enabler and watchdog

Since its creation in the early 1980s, The Zambezi Society has played an important advocacy role as a non-profit, non-governmental regional organisation representing a significant, worldwide, body of people concerned about the future of the Zambezi River’s wildlife and wildernesses.

There are many issues affecting the Zambezi River which pose challenges or threats to its “biological integrity”. The work of the Zambezi Society is aimed at addressing some of these or at the very least creating awareness and seeking to draw the attention of the world to them.

Acting as an independent enabler and watchdog with decades of experience in the conservation field, the Society is in a position to constantly remind the inhabitants of the Zambezi basin about their responsibility towards the future of this magnificent river and its catchment area. Our mandate is to persuade decision-makers, developers, planners and communities to seek long-term, sustainable solutions based on sound ecological principles and to avoid development decisions based on short-term gain which will result in environmental degradation and increased poverty levels.


We solicit the views of our local, regional and international consitutency on issues of importance and relevance to the future of the Zambezi River, via occcasional CONSULTATIONS.

Social Media

The Society has recently taken to using social media platforms to extend its advocacy role through its own Facebook group ZAMBEZI SOCIETY and others such as:




Issues affecting the Zambezi River and its catchment area, which are of major concern to the Zambezi Society are outlined in the drop-down menu on the main tab and brief outlines are given of any work that the Society has undertaken to address them.